Thursday, August 27, 2009

2009 Maritime Ball

Following years of hard work by a team of dedicated volunteers, the Newcastle Maritime Centre has finally opened its doors.

It's time to celebrate, and the first-ever gala ball next week is set to entertain and showcase Newcastle's rich maritime history.

The Peach team were quick to jump on board to help bring the ball to life.

No such thing as a bad hair ball

Every year Peach teams up with the great people at the Calvary Mater Hospital to inject extra personality into their signature gala event - the hair ball; raising money and awareness for Cancer care and research.

Hats off to the fabulous team at the Mater for a great brief and for always encouraging us to flex our creative muscles.

Get in fast for tickets.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get ready for the Knights

Watch out for PANTHERS

Following eight months of research and planning, Peach has just launched the very first step in a complete strategic repositioning of the well-known entertainment brand, completing a revamp of the Panthers group online presence.

Peach’s digital marketing team has just launched the new online communication for Panthers, including 17 websites for , all linked by the central Panther’s brand.

Over the coming months, Peach will assist Panthers to roll out further activity communicating the new brand and offerings - watch out.