Monday, June 6, 2011

Billboard becomes a personal game

DDB Stockholm produced this fun interactive billboard for McDonald's that broadcasts personal games and drives participants to restaurants. People join the game by accessing a mobile-ready website from their smartphone and choosing the prize they'd like to win. Once the game begins, the smartphone becomes a pong controller and the billboard becomes a giant pong screen. Winners receive coupons on their smartphone to redeem in nearby restaurants. Unlike similar campaigns, the barrier to consumer engagement is low as there's no app download required.

Play, smash, return. Play, smash, return.

Japanese agency Hakuhodo came up with a great idea to make some noise for their little know guitar manufacturer, Smash. The idea was to create a product, guitars that you could smash like a rockstar. The really cool bit was that the core stayed intact. You sent it back to the manufacturer and they’d replace it with a new, cheap outer shell. The agency then produced a series of Youtube clips of girls smashing the guitars. What’s not to like?