Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not Just Another Ruddy Sale

Peach's latest campaign for Kloster Motor Group was not just another Ruddy sale.

It was not JUST a killer catalogue inserted via major regional and select local media twice in the same week.....

...but an integrated approach with a dedicated microsite at

..driving traffic with strategically placed print, online and radio advertising....
 instore branding across Kloster sites and utilising electronic direct mail (EDM) to the Kloster database.

One of the most exciting things about integrated campaigns across traditional and electronic media is the ability to track and analyse the audience’s response.

Instantly we can see that on the day the EDM was distributed, 72% of traffic to was direct traffic.

Overall, 30% of traffic to so far has been generated from referring sites that hold campaign advertising and 10% of traffic has been generated through search engines.

We can also tell when pages were visited, and the average time people spent looking around on each page, even what browser they’re using! This all builds on our understanding of what the audience wants, when and how. This ensures that every campaign is more successful than the last.

Stay tuned for the great results to follow.

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